• Cleaning

    The coating protects the timber and should only be dusted with a soft cloth from time to time.

    If cleaning is required please use a warm damp soft cloth and wipe along the grain to remove any dried spills, then wipe immediately with a dry soft cloth along the grain (if soap is required, choose a mild furniture soap).

    Please note that if general timber cleaning products are used, they may change the shine and appearance of the original finish. Some cleaning products contain waxes that may enhance the shine, which is not always the level of gloss intended on the original furniture. These products should not be used more than a few times a year depending on usage of the furniture.

  • Sunlight & heat

    If exposed to direct sunlight timber may darken or lighten with time. The heat created could also damage veneers or cause solid timber to dry out, crack or distort. This could also happen if the product is left to close to a heater.

    Hot items placed directly on the surface can create shadow marks which are very difficult or even impossible to remove without having the surface re-finished by a professional.

  • Spills & scratches

    Flower pots, vases, ceramics and other items can leave scratches or water marks on the surface. Some ceramics are porous and if filled with water can cause dampness which could damage the lacquer or the timber. Please use felt or other protective material to protect your furniture and extend its life.

    Please wipe away hot or cold spills immediately with a soft cloth until surface is completely dry. Follow cleaning instruction above if required.

Powdercoated metal

  • Wipe regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust or use a damp soft cloth to remove dirt. For stubborn or greasy stains, use window cleaning product with a soft cloth.


  • Fabrics

    Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt.

  • Leather

    Wipe with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt particles, except for pure aniline leathers which have no protective coating and will absorb moisture. Aniline leather also has a tendency to fade in the sun, so keep this in mind when placing your furniture or choosing your leather. There are many different types of fabrics and leathers. It is best to refer directly to the fabric or leather manufacturer for their advised cleaning methods.